Wayne and Karen

Wayne and Karen Bio


Wayne and Karen  have lived in beautiful Idyllwild, Ca. for the past 33 years.  Wayne works as a real estate agent, and Karen is a hairdresser and an artist working with beaded jewelry.

We began writing songs together when we first met.

Our first song is a lullaby named "Sleepy Child".  

Wayne always finds the songs on the guitar ....(sometimes the lyrics come easy ...sometimes we have  work on them...usually together).

  One time Wayne was playing a few chords and Karen said "that sounds like a Carousel" ...and thus....the song was born. 

Another time Wayne was attempting to play "Black Magic Woman" by Santana....he was not getting the rhythm quite right and gave up....but what he was playing was interesting and thus a 3 chord song was born....our song "Happiness". 

It is great fun writing songs and we enjoy it very much....for those who attempt...we wish you all the best.